I have been a keen wargamer since I was very young. I used to play a lot of World War 2 (20mm and 1/200), although I have also played a lot of other periods too, over the years. Recently most of my gaming has been in the ancient to mediaeval period (2000 BC - 1500 AD) in 15mm using DMBM and FoG rules.


  • DBM
  • DBA
  • Lost Battles
  • Justified Ancients
  • Field of Glory (FoG)
  • L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG)
  • Also Armati, Warrior, Warlord, and others.


    I have collected a number of DBM armies (which I also use for the other rule sets too).


  • Madaxeman's excellent DBM and FoG resources, including the DBM tournament army lists archive
  • The Miniatures Page
  • The Field of Glory forum
  • The Society of Ancients
  • Yahoo! groups for ancmed, dbmlist, lostbattles, society_of_ancients


    I regularly attend (and enthusiastically recommend) the Essex Warriors games club. A great bunch of guys!

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    John Davis Last updated: 11 January 2018
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