Ancients Armies

I have the following ancient armies, all in 15mm and based for DBM:


3000 BC - 1480 BC Nubian (I/3)
Lots of irregular bows and psiloi, and some Wb(F). No mounted troops.

1380 BC - 1180 BC Hittite Empire (I/24)
Lots of light and heavy chariots and some mediocre foot troops.

1543 BC - 1069 BC New Kingdom Egyptian (I/22)
A balanced, regular combined arms army with chariot Cv(S), bowmen and blades(F) Can also work for Early Egyptian (I/2), which is similar but without the chariots.

745 BC - 593 BC Kushite Egyptian (I/46)
Irregular army with lots of Cv and Bw.

687 BC - 546 BC Lydian (I/50)
Strong regular army with a good choice of troops supporting spears and knights.

680 BC - 609 BC Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid (I/51)
Strong regular combined army army. Includes Kn(S) chariots and plenty of Cv(O) or (S). Can also be fielded as Neo-Assyrian Empire (I/45) which is similar.

687 BC - 546 BC Lydian (I/50)
Strong regular army with a good choice of troops supporting spears and knights.


500 BC - 545 AD Classical Indian (II/3)
Irregular army of bows and elephants sith a mix of supporting troops. Serious COmmand and Control problems.

420 BC - 329 BC Late Archaemenid Persian (II/7)
Lots of cavalry and light horse, plus solid but unexceptional foot.

I have a bunch of Greek/Macedonian/Successor troops which can field several armies from 355 BC to 83 BC:
Alexandrian Macedonian (II/12)
Alexandrian Imperial (II/15)
Asiatic Early Successor (II/16)
Lysimachid (II/17)
Macedonian Early Successor (II/18)
Seleucid (II/19)
Pyrrhic (II/27)
Attalid Pergamene (II/34)
Later Macedonian (II/35)
These are regular, balanced combined-arms armies usually based on Pk, supported by good light troops and a handfull of Kn(F), Cv(O), LH and El. Early armies add Sp; Later armies replace or supplement Pk with Ax(S) and/or Wb(S).

250 - 130 BC Geaeco-Bactrian (II/36)
A Successor army with few pike and with Irregular Kn(F).

170 BC - 55 BC Graeco-Indian (II/36)
A cross between a Successor army and a Classical Indian army, with regular generals.

250 BC - 225 AD Parthian (II/37)
Mostly Light Horse and cataphracts. And a few light foot troops. Hard to use effectively.

135 BC - 477 AD Kushan (II/46)
Light Horse, cataphracts and assorted Indians.

Dark Ages

225 AD - 651 AD Sassanid Persian (II/69)
Lots of irregular Cv and a few bits and pieces in support. Little infantry.

545 AD - 1510 AD Hindu Indian (III/10)
Irregular army with elephants, Bd(F) and Bw. Hard to Control.

745 AD - 945 AD Abbasid (III/37)
Strong regular army of Sp(I), Bw, Cv, LH and Ps.

751 AD - 1206 AD Arab Indian (III/38)
Irregular. Bd(F), Bw and lots of Cv. Large and hard to control.

978 - 1077 AD Fatimid (III/65) Regular. Mixed, combined arms army. No heavy troops.


1381 AD - 1459 AD Serbian Empire (IV/22)
Superior Irregular Knights and assorted other troops. But mostly knights.

1441 AD -1526 AD Late Hungarian (IV/43)
A strong and flexible army with a good range of mounted troops and decent foot. And war wagons!

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