The John Davis Home Page

Hello, and welcome to my evolving home page... I'm still learning the basics of HTML so it's all a bit minimal at the moment. Expect more content to be added once I decide what else belongs here.

Update: Web site rehosted as of 24 October 2011. I'm going through the content and updating. Apologies if you find any broken links or out of date content!

About me

My interests include photography, military history, philosophy, and various types of gaming. I'm on Facebook too.

Personal information

What do I do for a living?

Accumulated wisdom (fortune cookies)

Figure wargaming

Board wargames

Role-playing games


Other games


Walking in Harlow

Other interests

Favourite Websites

  • Boardgame Geek
  • Consimworld
  • Anita Nowinska Art

    There are other links scattered across this web site too.

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