De Bellis Antiquitatis

Find out more about De Bellis Antiquitatis at An introduction to DBA. Also see the publisher's web site.

I have produced a DBA 3.0 ruler which you are welcome to download and use. It's formatted to print 4 rulers on a page, since they're small. Give them to all your friends!

Shortly after I purchased these rules, I decided to play a few games solo to get a feel of the game and try to absorb some of its intricacies. Rather than just picking armies at random, I chose to play a series of games “winner stays on”. I started with my earliest armies and tried to play “historical” matchups wherever possible. The first few games were played with the standard rules and I moved on to the “big battle” variant for some of the later games. Here is what happened…

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John Davis Last updated: 26 May 2016
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