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Troll Hunt!

This is a scenario designed to be a challenge for solo play with one of the starter decks, or to provide a straightforward game for a relatively low-powered constructed deck.

Only the core set is required. Difficulty level is 2.
Troll Hunt


You and your companions are travelling the Great East Road. Dusk has fallen and you are all tired from your long journey, but are pressing on in the hope of catching up with a caravan which departed a day earlier. Just as you catch sight of the camp-fires of the caravan up ahead, you see a group of orcs sneaking towards the camp! You must get to the camp as quickly as possible to raise the alarm and protect the travellers...

This quest is very much about combat and is designed to be playable with the basic Tactics deck, while also providing a decent challenge to a more sophisticated multi-sphere deck. This quest is difficulty 3.

The quest needs only the core set and comes with three new encounter cards. I recommend you print them out before playing the quest. You can either use face-down location cards to represent the Tribal Orcs you will encounter, or else use the new Tribal Orc cards if you prefer. None of these new cards are shuffled with the encounter deck, so it won't matter if your cards look or feel different.
Orc Raiders

Catch the thief!

An ancient iron sceptre has been stolen from the treasure rooms of the Elven King Thranduil. The king has asked you to track down the thief, and return the sceptre to him.

This scenario can be played with the core set, plus two additional cards which come with the quest. These cards are not shuffled so it doesn't matter if they look different to the original cards.

Difficulty is about 4.
Catch the thief

Sarn Gorwing

The great black spire Sarn Gorwing rises from the center of a waterfall near the headwaters of the Enchanted River, at the northern edge of the Mountains of Mirkwood. Once home to an evil sorcerer, Sarn Gorwing has been an abandoned ruin for hundreds of years. However, according to Gandalf, evil has returned to the tunnels and chambers beneath the tower's ruins, and many orcs have been seen in the area. He has asked you to investigate the source of the evil, and has provided a map of the ancient tunnels to assist you.

This quest requires only cards from the core set. It is intended to provide a tough challenge - I estimate difficulty level 6 for solo play or 5 for two players.
Sarn Gorwing

The Abandoned Mine

Beorn has asked you to carry an urgent message to Elrond, in Rivendell. The journey is not without risk, as it entails crossing the Misty Mountains, but the weather is fine and by taking the High Pass you will bypass the dreaded Goblin Gate, home to hundreds of goblins.

The first two days of your journey are uneventful, and in the evening you pitch camp at the mouth of an abandoned lead mine in the foothills of the Misty Mountains. A few hours later, you are awoken by your sentry's urgent wisper - "Orcs! Dozens of them - and coming this way!"

This scenario requires the core set and the Khazad-Dum expansion. Difficulty is about 5.
The Abandoned Mine

The Hunt for Gollum - alternative

'The Wood-elves tracked him [Gollum] first, an easy task for them, for his trail was still fresh then. Through Mirkwood and back again it led them, though they never caught him.'
-- Gandalf, Fellowship of the Ring

Some people have complained that Hunt for Gollum is not much fun to play. The encounter deck is mostly locations, which means the quest tends to be either really easy (if you can get a Northern Tracker or two in play) or quite difficult (if you have a deck which is not great at questing). In either case, the quest has little combat, and losing to a bunch of locations is hardly heroic! If you want to try something different, try playing the quest with the following card sets: Hunt for Gollum; Dol Guldur Orcs; Sauron's Reach; Spiders of Mirkwood. Then, remove the 8 Riverland locations.

Hunt for Gollum - alternative

Hunters of Emyn Muil

The hunt for Gollum has led you South from Mirkwood, towards the desolate and treacherous hills of Emyn Muil...

This quest provides an alternative to the published Hills of Emyn Muil quest. It requires the core set and the Hunt for Gollum and Hills of Emyn Muil adventure packs. Difficulty level is 5.
Hunters of Emyn Muil

Orcs of Emyn Muil

For years there have been orcs living in the hills of Emyn Muil, and they are know to occasionally raid the lands of Rohan. Lately these raids have become more frequent and more destructive, and you have decided to track the orcs back to their camp and put a stop to their raiding.

This quest requires the core set and the Hills of Emyn Muil adventure pack. Difficulty level 4.
Orcs of Emyn Muil

A Favour for Beorn

Beorn has heard reports of increased goblin activity along the Anduin river. He has asked you to scout the area to see if these rumours are true.

A Favour for Beorn requires cards from the core set and the Khazad-Dum expansion. It is designed to work with up to 3 players and is difficulty 5.
A Favour for Beorn


Many years ago, the Witch-King of Angmar sent a huge host of evil creatures against the peoples of the North. Though the Witch-King and his armies are long gone, Elrond has asked you to travel to Angmar, to see if any new evil is mustering there once again.

This quest requires the core set and the Khazad Dum expansion set. It has been tested with 1 and 2 players. This is a tough quest and I'd rate it as difficulty 7.


The Long Dark / Foundations of Stone

This is a quest which uses the cards from the Long Dark and Foundations of Stone cards. It even uses the quest cards from those sets so you don't need to print out any cards at all! I have produced a "Stage 0" card which describes the setup of the quest but it's not really necessary.

Build the quest deck with the following cards: quest cards 1 and 2 from The Long Dark and quest cards 3, 4 (all copies) and 5 from Foundations of Stone. Build the encounter deck with the following cards: The Long Dark; Twists and Turns; and Hazards of the Pit. Set aside the Cave Torch card and the Foundations of Stone cards, out of play, and shuffle the encounter deck.

This quest requires the Long Dark, Foundations of Stone and Khazad-Dum expansions. It is a tough quest - I'd rate it as difficulty 7.
Long Dark - Foundations of Stone

Radagast's Peril

The wizard Radagast is missing! He left home some time ago to search for some rare lichens in long-abandoned mine-workings in the Mountains of Mirkwood. He was due to have returned home by now and people are getting worried. You have decided to find him to see if he needs any help.

This quest requires the Long Dark and Khazad-Dum expansions. Difficulty level is 5.Radagast's Peril

Durin's Legacy

You have decided to embark upon a difficult and dangerous quest to search the lowest levels of Moria for Durinís long-lost axe, helm and greaves. Ignoring the doubters who say your task is impossible, you have vowed not to return until you have reclaimed Durinís legacy.

This quest requires the Long Dark, Foundations of Stone and Khazad-Dum expansions. Difficulty level is 7 and the quest is designed for 1 or 2 players (probably easier with more).
Durin's Legacy

Save Arwen!

Arwen has been kidnapped by the goblins of the Misty Mountains! Can you lead a daring raid to rescue her from the clutches of the Great Goblin?

This quest requires the core set, Khazad-Dum and The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill adventure packs. Difficulty level is 7.
Save Arwen!

Terror from the North

The bitter Northern winter has driven a pack of wargs south, and they are menacing the peaceful folk of the Shire. Several sheep have been taken, and farmers no longer feel safe when they venture into the fields. The mayor of Hobbiton has asked for any brave folk to step forward to kill or drive off the wargs.

This quest requires the core set, Khazad-Dum and The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill adventure packs. This is a short quest and difficulty level is 3.
Terror from the North

Trouble with Trolls

Elrond has been having trouble with trolls coming down from the Ettenmoors, attacking travellers and destroying treesnear Rivendell. You have volunteered to scour the area and kill or chase away the trolls for him.

This quest requires the core set, Khazad-Dum and The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill adventure packs. This is a tough quest - I'd put the difficulty level at 8.
Trouble with Trolls


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