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I have been a keen board wargamer since my teens. Most of my games are World War 2 and I have a particular interest in Operation Market-Garden.

The Devil's Cauldron

This is a new scenario which covers the 82nd Airborne Division's sector over the first 4 days of the operation, and especially the Allied attempt to secure Nijmegen and a Waal crossing. Because the German player doesn't get to do much except defend, it plays quickly and works quite well for solitaire play.

Download the Saga of the 82nd Airborne scenario

It Never Snows

This scenario covers the Northern sector of Operation market Garden - the area from north of Grave to Arnhem. It uses historical deployments and reinforcement schedules and lasts 17 turns. Since it uses only the A and B maps, it takes about half the time and space required to play the full campaign game.

Download the Northern historical scenario

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John Davis Last updated: 22 February 2013
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